Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Still in Love

Well, I'm still in love with Bill Nye, however I won't be working on my Masters as planned due mostly to financial aspects involved with that. I hope he will still find me and want to marry me.
Of course I am also in love with my high school sweetheart whom I have been reunited with after 20 years separation as we each produced children and became even more amazing humans..
But I am also in love with.... My teaching job, and my classroom which I just finished Lazuring and adding tree branches to our little in-room tree house. I hung origami butterflies (that I had made this weekend) from the branches and I hope it will enchant the children. The Pumpkins seed were started weeks ago, I am hoping to have beautiful pumpkin vines climbing up over our garden wall and have the pumpkins grow on our wall, which is 16 inches wide. I am hoping I will be able to recognize the male from female blooms and have the children help pollinate the blooms. Of course at school we do have new beehives so those bees may get the job done. We have a huge biodynamic garden at school and the bees may find that are more attractive, fewer little ones running about.
I have the early Kinders and am so excited. I am making some puppets and thinking up songs and little plays for the puppets to perform. Off to L.A. this weekend for a week long class in Circle time and The healing aspects of singing in the 5th with these little ones. It is really a dream come true.
I am in love with everything in my life.

What I am up to now.

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