Friday, November 10, 2006

My Adam Blog

My first Blog,I thought I needed to get with it and 'get blogging'
Friday, my day with the kids spending the night at their Dad's. So of course it is the worst and best night of the week. The Best because for 8 hours, my house is quiet. The worst because I always disappoint myself. Idly dreaming of the hours with out little voices asking me for things, and then the night arrives, and I find myself somehow tired, wiped out and falling asleep at 10:00 having given up on finishing whatever project I had dreamt of.
Project I am working on now, The little cat in the knitting book. I had to find something to use this super soft acrylic yarn on. Word of Caution, for all those new knitters out there like me. Wooden Needles with this yarn is not a really good fit, sort of that fingernails on chalkboard sensation. But I am almost finished and don't want to buy a pair of plastics for only a few more minutes of work. So anyway, I typically hate acrylics, but on a desperate day at "Michael's Crafts" I felt this yarn, I refused to use it but kept thinking about it for another few days and finally had to go and buy it. Then I had to pick something to knit up. So this kitty was perfect and because it is acrylic it will wash. I used huge Ole 11's, I will need to line it so the stuffing won't fall out. but I hate to use a fluffy yarn and then crimp it all in with a tight stitch. Now that I am knitting European I can't seem to knit loose even if I try.
I am doing it all in white, don't want to mess with the stripes. This one is purely for the comfort of knitting with this super soft yarn. The yarn is from Patton it is in their baby stuff, white with shiny white strands.

What I am up to now.

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