Thursday, March 13, 2008

Errata~! Lovely Lovely Errata!

Can I be the only one who has done this? Knitting Poncho, happily knitting poncho until row 41~ WTF? This can't be right.. so instead of Frogging it, which is my habit, I threw it in my bag and carried it around with me for 3 months. So on a whim, today finally! I looked up the errata! Guess what? Here it is! ha ha ha ha ha!! I love the internet!!!!!!!!!!! I just had to paste it in here to show. . I know someone else would have guessed at the problem, but not me! They had written k1f/b twice, instead of K2tog twice! Makes a big difference and I am so happy now!
Eudora ( page 108)On page 110, Row 41 should read: K3, * k2tog twice, k6, (k1-f/b) twice, k7, ssk, k2tog, k8, (k1-f/b) twice, k7, ssk; repeat from * to marker, k3 (211 stitches remain).
Now, if I could only get the gummy bear, bobbie pin and other scary stuff out of the poncho, I would be good to go!
A frogger no more forever! I always frog things, so this has boosted me and I will never frog again with out checking for errata first! Yay
This is a poncho I am making for my 2 little chicks, they will share it. It is called Eudora from Viva Poncho by STC crafts I will post pics when my camera is up again. I was so happy to find the errata and realize I wasn't crazy! Yay!

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