Monday, March 17, 2008

yearning for some batts

So, a cold day here in AZ, very rare, it is 56F outside and it makes me really crave some wool batting, I know this is weird. At our handwork group, which is a group of moms that get together to make handmade gifts for our school store. So last year our Leader ordered this huge roll of wool batting, for us Mom's to use needle felting. Well for over a year now I have been yearning for it! She can't remember where she bought it. But I want it! I want my own huge roll of the fluffy stuff! On chilly days I browse through the internet to find, to no availe. Could be a good thing. Since making the move, I put away all of my fun things, my spinning wheel, my other wool, all of it! It is in a moving pod, in a warehouse where I cannot touch it for months. I thought this would help me concentrate on work. It hasn't helped.

So here I sit, browsing the web, looking for the batting, saving Photo's of projects I would like to work on to a file. I should be out knitting on my shawl... he he he.. But that is too much like fun, and if I sit on the computer it is more like work.

In fact I am working, brought the pups in cause I could see they were cold outside. They are so freaking sweet, I am getting really picky about who I will sell them to now. Here are some pup photos to brighten your day.

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